Feature request: simple spam header?

Mark Motley mark@motleynet.com
Sat Apr 27 04:35:19 UTC 2002

I just turned on DCC on my enterprise mail system.  Right now, we are
just marking spam that comes through our sendmail gateway.  
Instead of managing a bunch of whitelists, we expect to put the onus on
the users to filter spam using Outlook and Exchange inbox assistant
rules (we have known corporate mailing lists already whitelisted).
Outlook doesn't support regexp or anything like that in Inbox Assistant
rules, so it's a bit difficult to deal with.  Although we have some
simple rules working (things like: look for 'fuz1=many' in the headers)
wouldn't it easy to have DCC mark potential spam (i.e. bulky) mail using
a simple yes/no header? 
For instance, bulky mail can be marked as:
X-DCC-is-bulky: yes
That way a simple rule looking for the above string could be done on all
the clients.
How this would work is:  if any of the metrics come back "many", mark
the email bulk header YES.  If they are not, use the discard thresholds
(we're using -W right now so nothing is discarded).
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