Sendmail: delaying mail based on "soft" thresholds

Vernon Schryver
Sat Apr 20 21:44:20 UTC 2002

> From: "Brian J. Murrell" <>

> An interesting feature of DCC could be to have a "soft" threshold.  A
> soft threshold would be DCC counts more than the configured "not bulk"
> threshold but less than the "definately bulk" threshold.
> The purpose of the soft threshold would be to hold on to mail in the
> local delivery queue for a while and see if the DCC counts on the
> message increase, possibly to the hard threshold at which point it
> would be treated as "definately bulk".
> I know that somebody did such a thing with Sendmail but not being a
> Sendmail geek myself I am wondering how one could do it.

That sounds like an easy job for procmail and a cron script;

  - normal delivery path uses procmail to look for such marginal X-DCC
   header lines and delivers such messages to a special folder.

  - cron script periodically checks for old marginal messages and feeds
   them to procmail with alternate control file that uses `dccproc -Q`.
   It either delivers the message or somehow generates a DSN.

Vernon Schryver

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