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Mark Motley mark@motleynet.com
Sat Apr 20 21:33:01 UTC 2002

> I think this would require entries in /etc/passwd for all valid users
> on the sendmail machine, but they would not need to be real shell
> accounts that could be (ab)used.

Oh, not good. We have 8000+ users that are all defined in Exchange,
multiple points of entry and exit for email, and no UNIX at all (all
Windows PCs with Outlook clients).  Keeping Exchange an /etc/passwd
files in-sync would be a nightmare.

> That would be useful, but then other people would point out the
> of dealing with "From: 12345667890asdfghkjkl@whatever.example.com"
> and urge being able to ignore the username.  Then others would point
> out that vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com is the same as vjs@rhyolite.com so
> why not be a little smarter.  Then still others would mention that
> example.com and example.net are often the same.  An so on until you
> either have full extended regular expressions or you have drawn the
> line short of them.

Yes, you are right here, I can see how it would quickly get out of
control.  Eventually, regular expressions become the only real choice...


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