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Mark Motley mark@motleynet.com
Sat Apr 20 20:04:49 UTC 2002

> When regular expressions are required, why not combine procmail and
> DCC by either using dccproc within procmail or by combining procmail
> regular expressions on X-DCC headers with other procmail regular
> expressions?

For those who use it.  In my case, sendmail is merely gateway for an
Exchange environment.  There are no local accounts on sendmail box at
all, instead mailertables and virtusertables simply forward mail via
SMTP to where it needs to go.  I'm not sure how one would use procmail
in this environment.

> I don't like to say "never" about a feature, but I think it is much
> more important to see if it might be possible to teach dccm and
> to allow per-user whitelists and log files, and to write some sample
> CGI scripts to maintain the whitelists and examine the log files.


> Such CGI scripts sound like a wedge for handling per-user .procmailrc
> scripts.  They also sound like something that someone would already
> have invented.  Do you know of such?

I wish I did.  I've actually been considering writing a system but my
programming has become dusty (I'm a network engineer by trade, dealing
with protocols, routers, and the like) and I have a 2-year old.  I'm
still chewing on the idea though, as I would like to contribute to the
overall effort.

Ultimately, I'd like to see a system where a user could manage their
whitelists using a web browser, and view logs of rejected email.  This
kind of stuff is really important in an enterprise environment,
especially when dealing with non-technical users.

> You could be right, but I suspect substring matching would be the
> camel's nose for full regular expressions.  People would probably want
> to look for strings in only some headers, and so would want at least
> "^from:.*example\.com$"

Perhaps I don't fully understand whitelists yet (there seems to be a lot
of that going around), but the thought behind my comments was more of
not having to match the entire From: header EXACTLY.  In other words, if
I'm whitelisting messages from "Joe Smith <joe@smith.com>", I'd much
rather put "joe@smith.com" in my whitelist rather than the entire
address.  This would also help with whitelisting mailing lists and the


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