Does this mean I could not get through to a server

Sean Rima
Sat Apr 20 18:37:43 UTC 2002

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On Sat, 20 Apr 2002, Vernon Schryver spake thusly:

>> I just tried to do a DCCproc -t many on a spam and bot the following
>> header:
>> X-DCC--Metrics: 101; Body=many Fuz1=many
>> Just checking that this means I could not connect to any server.
> That X-DCC header says the DCC client calling itselfi contacted
> the DCC server with server-ID 101 and brand name "".  That server-ID is
> assigned to the DCC server running on or

Ahh, I missed the ID bit, doh :) Still it is handy to know this, maybe
it could be added to the FAQ.
> Originally I thought there would be only a few DCC servers and that the
> "brand name" would matter for technical and commercial reasons.  So the
> DCC server software required it to be non-null.  Things didn't work out
> that way.  Not only are there already far more disparate DCC servers than
> I expected, but some of the organizations running them are shy.  Several
> versions ago I changed dccd to let the brand name be null, and to ensure
> that it works, switched my DCC server to use a null brand name.

It is always interesting I guess to know but as you say, some people
will not want to advertise what spam messures they have in place.

>> On a slightly seperate topic, this lovely country (Ireland) has finally
>> announce that Broadband access will be available later this year. I have
>> mine ordered although I have been told it could be a year or more before
>> it gets to where I live. Anyway my Q, I think once I get a dsl
>> connection I will run my own dcc server, would be there any point in
>> setting it up now to make sure that thinks so smoothly, or should I
>> wait.
> Would an initial burst of 40 MBytes of checksums and then daily
> continuous feeds of 4-8 MBytes be a problem for your modem or ISDN
> link?  I can testify that it is not a problem for 2B ISDN provided
> you can nail up the circuits, except when those 40 MByte bursts need
> to be sent to a dozen or two flooding peers at once.

Niether would be a problem, the only problem maybe is that I am not 24/7
as this country has the most expensive telecoms going. I could arrange
to do the initial download quite easily, I download kernel sources for a
pass time :)

See Ya, Sean

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