Rejecting some recipients after DATA?

Vernon Schryver
Sat Apr 20 17:08:06 UTC 2002

> From: "Earl Killian" <>

> How about accepting (2xx) the DATA if any recipient wants it, and
> deliverin it to all recipients.  The other recipients can then rely on
> the X-DCC headers to do their own cleanup.  In this case you've moved
> the policy issue to them.

I've been thinking about this problem should I ever figure out how
dccm could have private whitelists.  I thought of that solution, but
rejected it because I fear you can't expect typical users of typical 
consumer ISPs to deal with procmail or regular expressions and so
often they can't use X-DCC headers.  If that is true, then a spammer
who signs up with a large ISP could ensure its drivel is delivered
by sending it in batches that always include its address.

There is a similar problem already in dccm.  If only some envelope
RCPT values of a message are white listed and the checksum counts for
message exceeds the system-wide thresholds, then DCCM silently removes
the non-white-listed RCPTs from the message.

If there were a way to trigger Delivery Status Notifications through
the Milter interface, then I think the problem could solved for dccm.

Vernon Schryver

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