white lists

Earl Killian dcc@lists.killian.com
Sat Apr 20 16:29:50 UTC 2002

I should add one caveat:

My whitelist primarily exists to protect personal mail from being
rejected by RBLs and the UNKNOWN rule.  (Submitting personal mail to
DCC is not a problem.)  There is only one rule there for DCC mailing
list avoidance because I felt compelled to change all my mailing list
subscriptions to a form recognized by a single pattern.  Of course not
every site can compel their users to do the latter.

Still, I think the statistics on the forms of patterns is relevant.
My conclusion was that a pattern matcher that supported just
would be sufficient (though *NAME* would be used in a few places if it
were supported, primarily to save typing), and that only the *NAME
form would be necessary for host names (either in reverse IP lookups
or for the portion after the @ in the MAIL FROM).


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