Addition to a white list

Tim Wicinski
Fri Apr 19 21:53:29 UTC 2002

------ Vernon Schryver, <> writ

    No, because you'll almost certainly never see an envelope Mail_From value
    of  You'll instead see the long junk.
    If the long junk is unique for every message, you'll have to white-list
    the source in some other way, such as by the IP address.
    Why do you need to white list this stuff?  Are the bodies all the same?
    If so, how about white listing the body or bodies with something like
      ok 	body	2e897758 756e4bb2 83103e03 138e43f7
The bodies may be the same. I'm going to search thru the logs to see how
they show up.

It turns out you need to get that message from AOL and reply to it for
an IM account activation to actually happen.


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