what don't I understand about whiteclnt?

Brian J. Murrell 2c9b286e58ba02903b843c26aeb4c4a4@interlinx.bc.ca
Tue Apr 16 23:29:32 UTC 2002

I am still getting/sending checksums on the following e-mails that
land in my inbox:

  Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 16:00:16 -0400
  From: root <root@interlinx.bc.ca>
  To: root@linux.interlinx.bc.ca
  Subject: foobar
  X-DCC-sackHeads-Metrics: linux.interlinx.bc.ca 1012; env_From=0 From=0
  	Message-ID=0 Received=0 Body=1 Fuz1=1 Fuz2=1

I have the following in my whiteclnt file which I thought would
prevent the DCC processing of them:

ok2    From    root@interlinx.bc.ca
       To      root@linux.interlinx.bc.ca

Any ideas why it's not working?


Brian J. Murrell
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