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Earl Killian
Tue Apr 16 22:53:28 UTC 2002

Vernon Schryver writes:
 > Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 16:28:27 -0600 (MDT)
 > From: Vernon Schryver <>
 > I certainly wouldn't object.  For one thing, the source is free and
 > so anyone can do most anything they want with it.  However, I doubt
 > I'd spend the effort to maintain a FreeBSD "ports" package unless it
 > provided a clear advantage.  You would still have to compile the source
 > with your local value for the DCC home directory, DCC UID, and so
 > forth, right?

One of the advantages is precisely that a FreeBSD port would set all
that for you.  For example, I added a dcc uid to my master.passwd
for use with DCC.  The port would likely do that automatically.

 > What would be the advantage of a FreeBSD ports package
 > over an ad hoc script that does an equivalent to
 > `wget; ./configure; make install; /var/dcc/libexec/rcDCC start`?

The advantage would be that FreeBSD users would know all they have to
do is
  cd /usr/ports/mail/dcc
and everything would be taken care of.

 > Unless I misunderstand how FreeBSD ports work, they are more for
 > software officially integrated into FreeBSD and distributed from

I think it's less formal than you imply.  Have you looked at the
FreeBSD ports lists?  There are all sorts of random things that are
there simply because someone out there makes the effort.

 > As long as I'm cranking out new versions of the DCC more
 > frequently than the FreeBSD 6-month (?) cycle, that doesn't seem like
 > a good fit.

FreeBSD's schedule is closer to 4 months.  You're thinking of RedHat,
which is 6 months.

However, the cycle isn't that much of an issue.  Many FreeBSD users
cvsup newer ports in between releases.

 > I don't expect 1.0.54 to come out before the end of next
 > week, and maybe not for even another week, but principle holds.
 > In the long run, it would be swell to get the DCC into the FreeBSD
 > ports collection, but it doesn't seem stable enough to burn into
 > 10 million CDROMs.

Again, there's the cvsup stuff for that in between release.

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