Can DCC catch Korean spam? Doesn't seem to, lots getting through

Tim Wicinski
Tue Apr 16 22:36:18 UTC 2002

------ Chris Shenton, <> writes: 

    > However, even if it was received after 10:45 MDT, it might not
    > have been caught unless your DCC client is version 1.0.53, because
    > of the Base64 decoding bug corrected in 1.0.53.
    Doh!  I was running 1.0.47 or so.  Upgraded now, will watch and see
    how things improve.  Much obliged.

I'm on 1.0.52, and I do see the base64 spam showing up, and lacking an
a fuz match. I'll do the same.
    Maybe I should learn how to build a FreeBSD port and get this in there
    so others would benefit and more easily upgrade.  Would you object to
    me doing this?
I was going to ask something similar.  Since FreeBSD lacks a simple way to
upgrade a running system as other operating systems do, we have to keep
replicator machines running for this purpose. Having a FreeBSD 'port'
would be a Swell Thing. 


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