Can DCC catch Korean spam? Doesn't seem to, lots getting through

Vernon Schryver
Tue Apr 16 20:55:22 UTC 2002

One other thing that would have rejected this spam is blacklisting
mail with missing or null Message-IDs at
See the notes in the sample whitecommon file at
about "many message-id <>"

Of course, since I doubt is running
a DCC client and if it were, it might not be able to reject 
broken mail from qmail, this is moot for this particular spam.


About white lists in general and the sample whitecommon in particular,
I'm trying to deprecate white list entries based on host names.
IP white or blacklisting does not work when target is beyond an SMTP relay.
Resolving host names takes time and often causes grief.  So does anyone
have suitable white list tags such as envelope From values for these?

    # Microsoft mailing lists
    ok      ip    
    # SANS mailing lists
    ok      ip    

I don't remember where I picked them up.

Vernon Schryver

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