System-wide procmail rules for DCC

Tim Wicinski
Fri Apr 12 16:54:47 UTC 2002

------ Vernon Schryver, <> writ

    some minor technical comments:
      - I'd use Fuz[1234] against the day when the other fuzzy checksums are
          in use
      -  regular expressions like (Body|Fuz[12])=([0-9]*[0-9][0-9][0-9]|[5-9][0
           can catch counts >= 50
      - the power of the DCC is not in watching for mail with "Many" checksum
           counts that has hit a spam trap but in rejecting unsolicited
           (i.e. not whitelisted) bulk mail before it has hit a trap.

The house discussion has been "do we reject where *=many or do we just
catch and store for people"?  So far blocking *=many has given us very
large number of rejects and I've been parsing along trying to make sure
they are truly spam and not just very wasteful and silly mailing lists
which are hard to get off of.
      - looking for !(^X-DCC-.*OK) suggests that server whitelist entries are
          in use.  If you use only your own DCC servers and are willing
          to hassle with `dbclean` every time you change the /var/dcc/whitelist
          that's ok.

Okay, I guess we will add the hassle. We're using server whitelists on
lists already.

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