Creating a whitelist....

Robert Sharp
Thu Apr 11 16:49:26 UTC 2002


I am new to the DCC world.  I have setup a test DCC server with Vernon's 
help and I am currently just logging mail that logs in above 10 with the 
DCCM interface.  My question to you is this:

I am testing this service on a sendmail server that we use as a virtual 
hosting type setup.  We don't use procmail so thats not an options.  But 
what I am looking to do is this.  And I just want to run it by the list 
before I propose it to management.

First I am looking to create a whitelist file for every customer (about 
100/ about 1500 box total) and have that included in the mai whitelist 
file.  This seems doable, I am concerned about problems with that list 
being turned into a map file, multiple times a day, does DCCM does this 

Second, I noticed in the whitelist I have the option on putting in the 
env_to statement and a 821 "to" address.  Would I be correct in assuming 
this means that the TO address would receive no logging/bouncing via 
DCCM?  Apparently I have customer who would rather get the spam then have 
it bounced/rejected.

Also Vernon seems to think I might want a couple DCCD servers.  I have one 
now and it seems to be handling the load fine.  In the future we might be 
adding another server with about 500 addresses.  I am just wondering at 
what point messages/per day might I want to look at adding another 
server.  The hardware isn't an issue, but I don't want to complicate 
things.  Does adding a couple peers flod's add a lot of overhead?



Robert Sharp
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