System-wide procmail rules for DCC

Vernon Schryver
Thu Apr 11 14:29:31 UTC 2002

> From: Tim Wicinski <>

> :0:
> * ^X-DCC-meer.*(Body|Fuz[12])=many
> * !(^X-DCC-.*OK)
> $HOME/Mail/bulk

some minor technical comments:
  - I'd use Fuz[1234] against the day when the other fuzzy checksums are
      in use

  -  regular expressions like (Body|Fuz[12])=([0-9]*[0-9][0-9][0-9]|[5-9][0-9])
       can catch counts >= 50

  - the power of the DCC is not in watching for mail with "Many" checksum
       counts that has hit a spam trap but in rejecting unsolicited
       (i.e. not whitelisted) bulk mail before it has hit a trap.

  - looking for !(^X-DCC-.*OK) suggests that server whitelist entries are
      in use.  If you use only your own DCC servers and are willing
      to hassle with `dbclean` every time you change the /var/dcc/whitelist
      that's ok.

Vernon Schryver

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