System-wide procmail rules for DCC

Tim Wicinski
Thu Apr 11 14:14:36 UTC 2002

We're looking to add this procmail rule to /etc/procmailrc:

* ^X-DCC-meer.*(Body|Fuz[12])=many
* !(^X-DCC-.*OK)

where $HOME/Mail will be their mail folder and bulk will be a place to
drop dcc flagged "bulk" mail off.  People can use webmail via IMAP to
view their "bulk" and decide what to do with it.  We have a script which
will purge these boxes everything > 14 days old. 

Right now, we log @ 50, reject @ many.  I'm looking at the 40K+ messages
we've bounced since monday and we are making sure none of it is
legitimate in nature. 

Just wondering if anyone has used system wide filters as such.



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