Courier and DCC

Vernon Schryver
Wed Apr 10 03:35:11 UTC 2002

> From: "Earl Killian" <>

> There are actually two phases to filtering: rcptfilters are called
> after you have the HELO/MAIL FROM/RCPT TO, and you can give "thumbs
> up", "thumbs down", or "maybe" at this point.

How do they handle multiple RCPT_TO values?

> ...
> TCPREMOTEINFO	Identification string received from the IDENT server
> 		on the remote IP address.
> The one thing I didn't see was the HELO value!

TCPREMOTEINFO is also odd, since the IDENT value is of very
limited use and a major hazard for slowing down a busy system.

Vernon Schryver

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