Courier and DCC

Brandon Long
Wed Apr 10 01:41:35 UTC 2002

On 04/09/02 Vernon Schryver uttered the following other thing:
> > From: Brandon Long <>
> > Courier is based on Maildir folders, right?  I'm using the following
> > hacked version of dccproc that I called dcc-qmail to run the dcc stuff
> > ...
> >  * Rhyolite Software DCC 1.0.27-1.24 $Revision$
> 1.0.27 was some time ago.  Things that have been added to dccproc
> since then include log files and better detection and ignoring of
> MIME boundaries.  I think the addition of the Fuz2 checksum is
> hidden, but if not, it would be worthwhile to rebuild your version
> based on 1.0.53.
> What is the main purpose of the alternate version?

We've got a program that is injecting messages into our system out of a
maildir.  The mda program places the files in the maildir.  This was
just the easiest way to put dcc in the middle of that process.

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