Courier and DCC

Vernon Schryver
Wed Apr 10 01:36:11 UTC 2002

> From: Brandon Long <>

> Courier is based on Maildir folders, right?  I'm using the following
> hacked version of dccproc that I called dcc-qmail to run the dcc stuff
> ...

>  * Rhyolite Software DCC 1.0.27-1.24 $Revision$

1.0.27 was some time ago.  Things that have been added to dccproc
since then include log files and better detection and ignoring of
MIME boundaries.  I think the addition of the Fuz2 checksum is
hidden, but if not, it would be worthwhile to rebuild your version
based on 1.0.53.

What is the main purpose of the alternate version?  Is it something like
this shell script?:

    if dccproc -o dir/$NAME/file.tmp; then
       mv dir/$HNAME/file
      exit something-or-other

Vernon Schryver

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