doing dccproc -t many

Tony L. Svanstrom
Sun Apr 7 22:26:26 UTC 2002

On Sun, 7 Apr 2002 the voices made Vernon Schryver write:

> The reason for `dccproc -t many` is that there is no way to prevent `repeat
> 17000000 dccproc -t 1`.  You may as well make cheap the first easier than
> second, because the second costs your DCC server a lot more CPU cycles, disk
> space, and bandwidth.

 Having the option, and saying that it's a good thing, does a hell of a lot
more than avoiding a potentially non-cheap way of doing the same thing. When it
comes to not being able to prevent people from doing a repeat I'm not sure I
follow you, are you saying that it's impossible to check that not the same
checksums are sent from the same server over and over again without any delay?

> > So, from my point of view that would remove a lot of the human errors while at
> >the same time not let any more mass-sent e-mails pass through (because true UBE
> > would get a high number anyways).
> I'm not a graduate of the Microsoft School of Programming, and so
> I don't like the idea of preventing only some problems and calling
> it good enough if the remaining problems are likely.

 So you're saying that it's stupid of me to talk about what I see as a solution
to problem A simply because if you can't remove problem B at the same time
you'd rather leave problem A in the system too???

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