doing dccproc -t many

Tony L. Svanstrom
Sun Apr 7 16:10:48 UTC 2002

On Sun, 7 Apr 2002 the voices made Vernon Schryver write:

> > From: Sean Rima <>
> > Every spam message I see here I do a dccproc -t many -w
> > /var/dcc/whiteclnt on it, even though it jas ran through dccproc
> > anyway. Just wanting to make sure that this does not affect the database
> It's one thing to occassionally report the wrong message as spam,
> but something else to do it a zillion times.
> Every message with a count over the local `dccd -t` threshold
> (default 20) needs to flooded throughout the network and kept on
> all systems for the `dbclean -E` duration (default 30 days) instead
> of the `dbclean -e` duration (7 days).
> Thus, reporting every message as spam at a site that sees only a little
> mail would be harmless, but would be a bad idea at a busy site.
> At a busy site that did that would quadruple the size of its own
> database and significantly increase the sizes of the databases everywhere
> else, while significantly increasing the bandwidth needed for flooding.

 Why even have a function to report a message as "spam" in a system like DCC;
shouldn't it focus only on actually "reporting" messages sent to more than one
person... then why accept "fake" values based on if someone doesn't like a
certain message?

 Not trolling, just trying to understand the thinking behind it...

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