doing dccproc -t many

Vernon Schryver
Sun Apr 7 14:50:54 UTC 2002

> From: Sean Rima <>

> Every spam message I see here I do a dccproc -t many -w
> /var/dcc/whiteclnt on it, even though it jas ran through dccproc
> anyway. Just wanting to make sure that this does not affect the database

It's one thing to occassionally report the wrong message as spam,
but something else to do it a zillion times.
Every message with a count over the local `dccd -t` threshold
(default 20) needs to flooded throughout the network and kept on
all systems for the `dbclean -E` duration (default 30 days) instead
of the `dbclean -e` duration (7 days).
Thus, reporting every message as spam at a site that sees only a little
mail would be harmless, but would be a bad idea at a busy site.
At a busy site that did that would quadruple the size of its own
database and significantly increase the sizes of the databases everywhere
else, while significantly increasing the bandwidth needed for flooding.

Vernon Schryver

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