mailinsg list marked as many

Vernon Schryver
Fri Apr 5 20:49:53 UTC 2002

> From: Paul Graham <>

> For a short while today mail from was
> marked as many.  How do I/can I find out where it was originally
> marked?

You should not need to care, because it is necessary to white-list
all sources of legitimate bulk mail.  Even if no one accidentally or
otherwise wires the mailing list to a spam trap or manually reports
individual messages as spam, the target counts for the mailing list
will be higher that useful rejection thresholds.

However, to figure out where the error or naughtiness happened,
find one of the checksums for one of the messages marked as "many"
from a log file.  Then do something like:

/var/dcc/libexec/dblist -Hv | grep -B5 -A3 '94bb1a0e e763f522 2bd371f8 1995e100'

and look at the server-ID of the original system in the path.

That will only tell you which server received the report.  Most servers
accept checksum reports from any client.  The four servers whose IP
addresses are in the A records for receive 0.25 to
2 report/minute from clients around the Internet. 
(The count of clients in `cdcc stats` sticks at 64 and only the most
recent 62 clients are displayed by `cdcc clients` in version 1.0.52.
Those bugs are fixed in 1.0.53.)

Vernon Schryver

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