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Vernon Schryver
Thu Apr 4 21:09:41 UTC 2002

> From: "Mediratta, Bharat" <>

> ...
> I've a question about this.  I recently set up floods to two 
> other servers, but when I do a `cdcc "stats all"` I don't
> see them show up in the list.  Are they supposed to show up
> there?  I see them when I do a `cdcc "flood list"`, so I
> know that the floods are working properly.
> My understanding is that this is because they're not in my
> map file.  I don't see them when I do a `cdcc "info"` (which
> explains why they're not in my map file).

Your understanding is correct.
`cdcc stats` just asks about the current nearest DCC server for
local clients.   `cdcc "stats all"` is a kludge that asks about
all of the IP addresses for the known servers (up to the maximum of
IP addresses in the map file).

> So, is my setup misconfigured?  If it's not, then what is
> the right way for me to see the stats on my flood peers?

What I've long been doing to snoop on other servers is
`cdcc "host; stats"`
What that actually does is create (and unlink) a map file in /tmp with
the server  Then it does the "stats" (or any other) operation.
As long as the remote server is not running with `dccd -u forever`,
it will answer just as if you had listed it in your real client map file.

I've long resisted the temptation to make the "flood lists" operation
not be privileged.   The proximate reason it requires the server's
password is because the checking of all of the "flood" operations
including "flood halt" and "flood resume" is done in one place.
Fixing that seems like a temptation because while it is reasonable
for a  clients to ask about server's activity with clients, a server's
activity with other server's seems none of clients' business. 
I'd be happy to be convinced I'm wrong, so I could snoop on other people's

Version 1.0.53 will have a `cdcc "flood counts 1234"` operation that
display the counts of incoming and outgoing reports to and from
the server with ID 1234.  It is also a privileged operation.

Vernon Schryver

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