Newbie type of Mail

Mediratta, Bharat
Thu Apr 4 20:54:27 UTC 2002

> From: Vernon Schryver [] 
> The command `cdcc stats` displays statistics from the DCC 
> server that your DCC clients currently like.  `cdcc "stats all"` 
> tells about all of the servers in your client map file.

I've a question about this.  I recently set up floods to two 
other servers, but when I do a `cdcc "stats all"` I don't
see them show up in the list.  Are they supposed to show up
there?  I see them when I do a `cdcc "flood list"`, so I
know that the floods are working properly.

My understanding is that this is because they're not in my
map file.  I don't see them when I do a `cdcc "info"` (which
explains why they're not in my map file).

So, is my setup misconfigured?  If it's not, then what is
the right way for me to see the stats on my flood peers?


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