fixing an "oops"

Vernon Schryver
Thu Apr 4 20:38:13 UTC 2002

> From: Brandon Long <>

> I occassionally accidentally hit my mutt macro which does dccproc -t
> many.  How can one go about fixing this?

You could use the `cdcc delck` operation, but that would be a waste
of time for more than one reason.

The most important reason is that a false report of millions of targets
for a message is harmless.  (`dccproc -t many` is intended to have
the same effects as the csh command `repeat 17000000 dccproc -t many`)
As long as the same message (within the fuzziness of the checksums)
is not sent again or to anyone else, no one will ever notice 
that it happened.  At worst the checksum report will sit in the
databases on the servers for perhaps 30 days until it expires for
lack of repetition.

Vernon Schryver

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