Newbie type of Mail

Vernon Schryver
Thu Apr 4 18:28:21 UTC 2002

> From: Sean Rima <>

> I am new to dcc and have been using it for the last 24 hours. My network
> (currently 3 PCs) handles mail for around 10 users, most are automated
> scripts and Fidonet related. looking at the way that Dcc-proc works, I
> can see that a personal server is the best option.
> As a dialup user, and this is my question, can I exchange checksums etc
> okay or is it better to stick with a dcc-proc setup. I am using Exim
> 4.02 with Exiscan built in, SA and Razor

Using dccproc with distant DCC servers publishes your checksums even
as it fetches their totals.

The reasons to have a nearby DCC server mostly involve reliability and
performance.  If you are dealing with 100,000 incoming messages per day,
a distant DCC server would not be fast enough.  At 100 incoming messages
per day, you'll spend perhaps 30% as much bandwidth on DCC transactions
to distant DCC servers as you already spend on DNS lookups just to validate
the Mail_from value and reverse-lookup the SMTP client IP address.  Having
a local DCC server probably wouldn't buy much for 3 PCs and 10 users.

Perhaps more to the point, while you could use the SOCKS support in
the DCC flooding protocol to deal with dynamically assigned IP addresses,
you might not want to flood the current 4-10 MByte/day of checksums
over a modem.

I would stick with dccproc in this situation.

Vernon Schryver

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