Is Yahoo! using DCC now?

Vernon Schryver
Thu Apr 4 00:49:06 UTC 2002

> From: Gary Mills <mills@cc.UManitoba.CA>

>    Spamguard(TM), an innovative technology recently developed at Yahoo!,

> I assume this isn't DCC,

I very much doubt that it is related to the DCC.

>                                   it sounds very similar, including
> global and individual whitelists.

Whitelists come with the spam filtering territory and are not a
distinctive characteristic of the DCC.

I've no clue what Yahoo is doing, except for traffic in the sendmail
beta testers mailing list.  8.12.3.Gamma1 was announced today replacing
8.12.3.Gamma0 because of some new, odd Yahoo SMTP actions related to
the SMTP quit command.  I wish I'd saved the message that contained
a transcript of a case that caused problems for 8.12.3.Gamma0, because
the Yahoo SMTP server's message said something equivalent to
"too many invalid addresses; go away you nasty evil open SMTP relay."

>                                    What measures will the spammers
> take now to evade Yahoo!'s bulk mail filter?

If that clue is real and its obvious implications valid, then maybe
spammers will use fewer open relays so that they can get more of the
bounces and clean their lists better.  I've heard rumors that many
spammers have been trying hard to collect bounces so that they can
clean their lists.  I attributed that to stupidity since I couldn't
see why a spammer should care about bounces.  However, maybe this
tactic is being used more than I would have guessed.

Or maybe they'll just reduce the sizes of their batches so that each
will have fewer bounces and not trigger this mechanism.
Or maybe not if Spamguard(TM) remembers the IP addresses of once
rejected clients.

Vernon Schryver

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