Body Checksum Calculation

Tim Wicinski
Wed Apr 3 05:15:55 UTC 2002

------ "Mark Motley", <
> writes: 

    > There are ISP's using dccm with enough incoming spam to regularly
    > generate a couple of hundred log files in a minute, not to mention 3
    > or 4 days.  Recent versions of dccproc and dccm have the strange,
    > optional values "[HMH]?name' for -l in an attempt to keep log file
    > directories from blowing up larger than Linux will tolerate.
    Have you given any thought to pushing the log files into a SQL database,
    perhaps something like MySQL or PostgreSQL?  Or, having some sort of
    "hook" so folks could right their own log handling routines/scripts?
I would not want to run mysql on my inbound mail servers. Perhaps the
logs can be collected later, moved to another machine and processed. 

    I'd love to incorporate DCC at our enterprise as we are getting more and
    more complaints about spam every day.  Unfortunately, I can see no easy
    way for end-users to filter email using Exchange server & Outlook... if
    there was, I would just tag it with the X-DCC header and let the users
    deal with it however they see fit. 

Exchange is a different beast. I have some people who have used DCC
with procmail, and they think a web based tool for creating procmail
rejections are entirely possible and not as difficult as I first
    a) Give the users the ability to turn DCC filtering on (default: off)
    b) Give them some way of adding whitelist entries
    c) Give them some way of checking their reject logs for valid email
    and/or solicited bulk.
Yes, but they all seem doable, with some front end tools. 

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