Body Checksum Calculation

Dave Lugo
Mon Apr 1 23:18:18 UTC 2002

On Tue, 2 Apr 2002, Tony L. Svanstrom wrote:

>  What I forgot to write was that I haven't had enough time to really "evaluate
> the nature of DCC" (not sure how to put it), so what I wrote was more thoughts
> than what I considered "facts".
>  The problem is that if you're trying to apply DCC to a situation where the
> end-user isn't aware of what is being used and why, then the crucial white-
> list part isn't available; and based on the fact that the average user is an
> idiot it can't easily be added (not unless you don't mind long support-sessions
> via e-mail every time a user suspects he's not getting enough e-mails, and
> every time a user isn't getting enough e-mails).

I'm faced with a similar situation for my vanity domains.  I've worked out
a solution that will work for me, but I don't know how well it would apply
to your environment:

  . rejected items are logged to per-recipient dirs
  . users can 'browse' the past week or 14 days worth
    of rejected items, and add (via html gui), derived
    whitelist entries.
  . users can also forward items from the 'holding' area
    to thier normal mailbox.
  . crontab'd purging of old items from the log dir.

The above at least allows users to look for 'missing' DCC-threshhold
reaching items, and add whitelist entries to prevent future similar
items from being blocked.

Hope this helps,


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