Body Checksum Calculation

Tony L. Svanstrom
Mon Apr 1 23:01:13 UTC 2002

 What I forgot to write was that I haven't had enough time to really "evaluate
the nature of DCC" (not sure how to put it), so what I wrote was more thoughts
than what I considered "facts".

 The problem is that if you're trying to apply DCC to a situation where the
end-user isn't aware of what is being used and why, then the crucial white-
list part isn't available; and based on the fact that the average user is an
idiot it can't easily be added (not unless you don't mind long support-sessions
via e-mail every time a user suspects he's not getting enough e-mails, and
every time a user isn't getting enough e-mails).

 In a situation like that you can't add all checksums to the server from all
the clients (ie users accounts); and right now I don't see a solution to this
problem that doesn't exclude DCC nor require all e-mails to be passed via a
single system.

 I think I'm trying to squeeze a solution out of DCC that simply isn't there;
but I'm still working on it. :-)

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