How do I use substitute headers?

Paul Graham
Mon Apr 1 21:21:00 UTC 2002

I'm trying to use dccproc -S and I apparently misunderstand.  I did this:

$ dccproc -S Mailing-List -QC < foo
X-DCC-Buffalo.EDU-Metrics: 1028; Body=1 Fuz1=1 Fuz2=1
                                   checksum                 server  wlist
             env_From: baf48609 99bad492 9d3ab5fc d9e6d88b       0       
                 From: 7a6fc318 8190ff9c 4dcb984c 8b4cfc2d       0       
Mailing-List substitute: e78e0f7f b0d5212c 8a1a433a 769ad0fd       0       
           Message-ID: a10a8394 5e958e59 a4f989b1 24ae2fa8       0       
             Received: 57de740e 0e88d807 1fdc6cbc 72cf2837       0       
                 Body: 32b21b71 4aa18111 8e08d37c 353176d7       1       
                 Fuz1: b10c8c49 8b240813 35ed35eb 6c202d17       1       
                 Fuz2: 16056afd 5e9ceb87 85e9466e bf693dc8       1       

I want to ok all the mail from this mailing list and each message
has a Mailing-List: header.  It seems that I should add:

	ok hex substitute e78e0f7f b0d5212c 8a1a433a 769ad0fd

to my whitelist but that doesn't seem to keep the message from being

The humble student seeks enlightenment.

Paul Graham

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