Body Checksum Calculation

Tony L. Svanstrom
Mon Apr 1 17:09:58 UTC 2002

On Mon, 1 Apr 2002 the voices made Phil White write:

> DCC relies on the ability to recognise certain emails as bulk. However, it is
> inevitable that some will sneak through. If I set up a dedicated email
> address for other users to forward all email they regard as spam, will dcc
> still calculate the checksums correctly? How many MUAs are known to reformat
> messages, add line prefixes, headers, etc and will this break the dcc
> mechanism?

 Without having had the time to check the algorithms used (they don't seem to
be easily accessable on the website) I would say that the problem is MUAs that
change Content-Transfer-Encoding: and similar things; maybe even mess around
with multipart-messages.

> What methods do others here use?

 Personally I'm right now using SpamAssassin and DCC together; where SA is
"best" one, and DCC is catching a few that SA don't. In the future I intend to
check e-mails with DCC first, and then report e-mails to DCC (whatever system
that wants to listen, and a private one) only if they are caught by SA,
DCC-value of less than [some number] and maybe some close to foolproof tells
that apply to my situation only.

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