Syslog Entry

Phil White
Sat Mar 16 22:47:20 UTC 2002

Picked up the following in my log files immediately after starting my DCC server:

Mar 31 01:23:15 soth dccd[3401]: initialize flood stream to
Mar 31 01:23:15 soth dccd[3401]: 1.0.52 listening to port 6277 with /var/lib/dcc
Mar 31 01:23:17 soth dccd[3401]: ask,6277 to rewind flood
Mar 31 01:28:12 soth dccd[3401]: iflod status fail=1,ok=0 to no free hash table entry; 21504 of 21504 used: 24603 received  16515 accepted  0 duplicate  8088 stale  0 bad whitelist  0 not deleted  0 unknown ID
Mar 31 01:28:16 soth dccd[3401]: add host_id claim: no free hash table entry; 21504 of 21504 used
Mar 31 01:28:16 soth dccd[3411]: starting `dbclean -PqR -i 1022 -L info,MAIL.notice -L error,MAIL.err`
Mar 31 01:28:16 soth dbclean[3411]: 1.0.52 repairing dcc_db
Mar 31 01:28:17 soth dccd[3401]: database cleaning begun

Question: Are lines 4,5,7 anything to worry about?
Can I have an english interpretation of this please. I read it ATM as
"Can't flod. I havn't got any spare room to store checksums. Am starting database repair"

Except that I issued a
DBCLEAN -SN immediately before starting dccd.

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