version 1.0.48 of the DCC source

Vernon Schryver
Sat Mar 9 05:35:03 UTC 2002

Version 1.0.48 of the DCC source is available in starts with:

    Split old records in the database so they compress better.
    Reduce bandwidth required for flooding by summarizing checksum counts.
    Fix configure in the partial packages, dcc-dccm-*.tar.Z and
    Fix `dccd -K no-IP`.
    Fix error messages for `dccproc -c type,thold` and add "never" as in
	`dccproc -c all,never`
    Fix yet another bug in dcc_mkstemp().
    Add "NEVER" to -c for dccproc and -t for dccm.
    Enhance `dccm -l logdir` and `dccproc -l logdir` to scatter log files
	among directories for systems dealing with more than 500,000
	mail messages per day.
    Dccm log files are now named "tmp.XXXXXX" until it is known that they
	are needed and they are renamed to msg.XXXXXX or they are deleted.

Vernon Schryver

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