DCC and obtuse's smtpd

Dave Lugo dlugo@etherboy.com
Sun Mar 3 23:51:47 UTC 2002

For anyone using obtuse's smtpd, I now have a patched version that can
call an external script at end of DATA, so items can be REJECTED instead
of discarded after the session is long gone.

More info on smtpd here:


This is the page for the nice person that agreed to create a patch for
smtpd for external script pre end-of-DATA filtering (the patch isn't
publically released yet):


I've also been working on a companion shell script to do the dirty work.
If anyone is interested in a copy (and the patched daemon), email me off
list.  It's certainly not ready[1] for production use, but for a home
hobbyist such as myself, it may come in handy.  I have a few more hours
of cleanup and testing[2] before I move the REJECT part of my filtering
to pre end-of-DATA - the spamtrap post-processing is something that I'll
want to keep doing (and silently discarding :)



[1] and for large scale mailers, it should really be written in a
non-interpreted language.

[2] at which point I'll send it off to Vernon, for possible inclusion
in the dcc misc dir.

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