DCC & Exim

Phil White phil@radagast.itmagic.ltd.uk
Mon Feb 25 07:28:46 UTC 2002

On Monday 25 February 2002 22:06, you wrote:
> Has anyone here tried to implement DCC in conjunction with Exim,
> preferably using the system-wide message_filter? Would prefer
> to stay away from procmail.

Yep. Am playing around with it ATM, though sadly very litle time to do it 
properly. I will eventually put together a how-to.

I don't use a filter. AFAIR, it isn't advised due to the method of address 
handling. Use a Director/Router & transport instead. The setup is exactly the 
same as for Vipuls Razor (see Exim mailing list archives)

As mentioned, I am messing about with this ATM, and can't give you a working 
version yet, as it keeps on changing! I am also stupidly busy, and away from 
home for the next few days! But, to give you an idea, play around with the 
conf belo. BEWARE MAIL LOOPS !!!!

See also Phil's Aye-Aye book, p95+



  driver = pipe
  use_shell = true
  command = "/usr/local/bin/dccproc -A -t $recipients_count | \
	/usr/local/bin/exim -oMr dcc -bS"
  user = dcc
  group = mail
  bsmtp = all
  prefix =

## Director (Assumes Exim v3.x)

  driver = smartuser
  transport = dcc
  condition = ${if eq {$received_protocol}{smtp}{yes}{no}}
# WRONG! Needs tuning. We want (scan only SMTP from outside)
# for a simple config file, ..{$received_protocol}{dcc}{no}{yes}} works
  verify_recipient = false
  verify_sender = false

## Router

  driver = domainlist
  transport = dcc
  route_list = *
  condition = ${if eq {$received_protocol}{dcc}{no}{yes}}

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