white list and mailing lists (eg. Yahoo groups)

Levent Serinol lserinol@yahoo.com
Tue Feb 5 14:15:54 UTC 2002

> Another problem with "OK" whitelisting by IP address
> is that it
> white-lists all mail from the source.  Yahoo
> "groups" mailing lists
> have been abused in the past.

 This part really needs take care of bunch of IP
addresses. It does not look flexible to me.
ASAP, DCC does not handle regexp.Therefore, writing
*.yahoogroups.com as a whitelist entry doesn't work.
> If possible, it is better to white-list using other
> characteristics of
> the mailing list, including its envelope Mail_From
> or header From: value.
> It is possible to use "OK2" white-listing.  Consider
> this example:
>   ok2    IP
>   ok2    env_from  list@domain.com
> That example would white-list only mail that both
> comes from the SMTP
> client at and carries the envelope
> Mail_From value list@domain.com

It does not seem to me possible,'cause our users's are
susbcribed to many groups on yahoo and other sites.
and they keep on subscibing to new groups oftenly.

Do you have any other idea about solving this problem

P.S. Have you got my mail about dcc+qmail integration
? I sent you it twice, but got no answer back.

Levent Serinol
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