white list and mailing lists (eg. Yahoo groups)

Levent Serinol lserinol@yahoo.com
Mon Feb 4 15:22:08 UTC 2002

Hi Everyone,
  I 'm running dccproc through qmail smtpd server.
When smtp's data section ended mail is piped to
dccproc to calculate checksums and report it to dcc
  My problem is about huge mailing lists, like Yahoo
groups. How can I able to filter these groups to not
threat them as spam ? White listing IP looks like bad
idea 'cause they have many IP addresses. 
Is there any way I can do this kind of filtering ?
one more question about IP addresses. Can I put a IP
block or  subnet for white listing ?

Best Regards,

Levent Serinol
ICQ#  : 9792343

#exclude <windows.h>
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