version 1.0.44 of the DCC source

Vernon Schryver
Fri Feb 1 00:55:10 UTC 2002

Version 1.0.44 of the DCC source is available in

Many of the changes are described in

The most important changes 
  1. include the Fuz2 checksum in the default set that can reject mail.
  2. by default, dccd no longer saves the non-body checksums.
  3. 10X speed up dbclean for large databases.
  4. when started, dccd detects some database problems, such as a failure
     to shut down and close the database cleanly, and runs dbclean.

The combination of the changes in #3 and #4 imply that when
1.0.44 is installed, dccd will stall when started to wait for
dbclean to do convert the hash table to the new format.  That
does not matter unless your dbclean has been taking hours to run.
This initial fix-up run of dbclean will only be about 2.5 times faster
than the 1.0.43 version.  After a real, expiring run of dbclean,
it should be about 10 times faster.

I did not get to the procmail changes, the extra header checksum,
some documentation, and more ideas for making dbclean less slow.
Maybe next week.

Vernon Schryver

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