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Wed Jan 30 15:17:11 UTC 2002

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> Does fuzz get calculated from?
> Kyle Stone
> kstone@win.net

Which "fuzz" is that?   

There are two "fuzzy" checksums of message bodies, "Fuz1" and "Fuz2."
Each ignores a different set of aspects SMTP message bodies that
tend to vary among essentially identical copies of a single message.
In effect, they define meanings for "essentially identical."

More than that should not be said in public to avoid giving aid and
comfort to spammers and making it necessary to change those definitions
yet again.  Because the source is available, those meanings are not
secret from anyone who cares to spend the time to figure out the code,
as the HTTP access logs for the last year show.  However many spammers
are too lazy to figure out such things.  I can't and shouldn't affect
what people say elsewhere, but I can, should, and will censor all
details, including insignificant facts such as file names, of the DCC's
fuzzy checksumming from this too public mailing list.

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