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Vernon Schryver
Sun Jan 27 03:28:03 UTC 2002

> From: John Payne <>

> > (minor details like the arg letter "-a" and tag "adhoc" to be fixed)
> Yes, that would work.  I also like making use of the List-Id tag :)

Ok, I'll think about it.  I hope you don't mean to use "list-id" instead
of "adhoc", because the "adhoc" or whatever string must apply to all
of the locally special headers.

It won't be for perhaps a week, because I need to look into an
improvement for procmail+dccproc problem Michael Ghens has mentioned,
and that after documenting the improvements for larger servers.

> BTW - i noticed for somereason that From: has been
> added to the shared DCC pool as "many"... I sent you some postfix stuff
> during the week, and you haven't been as responsive as normal, so I was
> wondering if I'm being dropped by your MTA :)

I've kept a note about support for postfix, but it didn't seem to need
me to do anything.  I'm sorry if I misunderstood.  Between various kinds
of plumbing problems, I've been very busy profiling and hacking.

I don't see any counts for either 74c354b2 71f94b5a 6de252c6 d92b8049
or 71ca22ec 308773e6 7471ca58 fb307967
(`cdcc "pck from some@address"` and `cdcc "pck from whatever <some@address>"`
followed by `dblist -v | grep -B3 -A9 '71ca22ec 308773e6 7471ca58 fb307967'`)

If either had been flooded to my sever or had been tagged "many"
from before 1.0.44, they'd be here.  They're not here at all because
the 1.0.44 server doesn't keep non-body checksums from client in the
database and the old counts have been expired.  Non-body checksums
are kept if flooded in or if set in the server whitelist.

Where do you see the "many"?

Vernon Schryver

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