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Vernon Schryver
Sun Jan 27 02:34:13 UTC 2002

> From: John Payne <>

> Nope, the From: is the person sending the mail.

oh, well.


] At least one of them has List-ID, etc...

So would this work?:

  1. "-a List-ID -a X-vendor-foozle" add to a list of headers

  2. add client whitelist syntax like

     ok   adhoc   jokespam
          adhoc   acme mta

   to white-list any message with either a List-ID: or X-Vender-foozle:
   header each containing either "jokespam" or "acme mta" 

(minor details like the arg letter "-a" and tag "adhoc" to be fixed)

Vernon Schryver

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