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Vernon Schryver
Fri Jan 25 22:07:53 UTC 2002

> From: Chris Shenton <chris@Shenton.Org>

> John Payne <> writes:
> > I'm seeing an increasing number of mailing lists that have a unique
> > envelope from for each message.
> This may be what qmail's author, DJB, calls VERPs -- Variable Envelop
> Return Paths. ...

Do they contain any other header that is constant?  
I could hack dccproc and dccm to compute the checksum of another
header specified by name on the command line, and to look up the
checksum in the local whitelist.

> ...
> Usually I've seen this VERP as a "extension address", suffixed to the
> base username with a dash. Perhaps you could filter on the first part
> before the dash?

The DCC uses checksums of things.  There is no reasonable way I can
see to get regular expressions into the mix except as some kind of
pre- or post-filter.  That would make no sense at all with dccproc
since dccproc is supposed to be used with procmail and its expressions.
Putting reg-exps into dccm would probably be a very bad idea 
for speed and portability reasons.

Vernon Schryver

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