version 1.0.43 of the DCC source

Mark Motley
Tue Jan 15 20:40:47 UTC 2002


Is it correct to assume that adding the -DDCC_RPT_SUBJECT to CFLAGS turns on the Fuz2 checksums?


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From: Vernon Schryver []
Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2002 10:17 AM
Subject: version 1.0.43 of the DCC source

Version 1.0.43 of the DCC source is available in

Many of the changes are described in

The most important changes are to add another fuzzy body checksum and
to give dccproc thresholds so that its exit code can be used by procmail.

Please let me know if the procmail rules in the dccproc man page are
wrong  The man page is in the source as well as

The Fuz2 body checksum is usually (or should) not be computed for
non-English messages.  It is early for production systems to reject
mail based on the Fuz2 checksum, but it would be good to install new
versions of dccproc and dccm widely to get experience with it.

Vernon Schryver
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