Spam Traps (was Re: Hello, all...)

Gustav Foseid
Tue Jan 15 08:58:35 UTC 2002
> How useful such "spam trap" or "spam bait" addresses are depends
> on how much spam they receive.  It's hard to get trap addresses
> into the hands of some spammers without being unethical.  Other
> spammers are eager to do that work without any effort on your part.
> Anyone with a vanity domain can probably use most of the list in

I use the following macro in mutt (put this line in .muttrc) to use # as a
shortcut for sending mail to spam@trap and save it in =spam, and have a few
friends doing the same.

macro index \# "bspam@trap^mys=spam^m"

\#        gives # as the shortcut
b         bounce to
spam@trap the address
^m        enter   
s         save
=spam     save folder
^m        enter

Gustav Foseid, Initio IT-løsninger AS

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