Spam Traps (was Re: Hello, all...)

Vernon Schryver
Mon Jan 14 21:01:46 UTC 2002

> From: Chris Shenton <chris@Shenton.Org>

> ...
> Would it be useful to setup a spam-magnet address and whenever it
> receives mail -- obviously spam -- run it through "dccproc -t many"? 

I've wired a dozen or two addresses to `dccproc -t many`.
With about 900 other addresses I use the sendmail access_db and the
dccm to report spam to a DCC server.   One could also use 
`dccproc -t many -w whiteclnt` and put "many env_to"
the whiteclnt file.

I'm using a dccproc alias with the first, smaller group to because
they are actually a scheme of traps, and I want sendmail to filter
the "+tags."

How useful such "spam trap" or "spam bait" addresses are depends
on how much spam they receive.  It's hard to get trap addresses
into the hands of some spammers without being unethical.  Other
spammers are eager to do that work without any effort on your part.
Anyone with a vanity domain can probably use most of the list in

Vernon Schryver

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