dccproc and qmail: is this sane? .qmail and .qmail-dcc

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Thu Jan 10 20:34:31 UTC 2002

--Chris Shenton wrote on 10.01.2002 12:09 -0500:

>   #~/.qmail (handles mail addressed to "cshenton")
>   |preline /usr/local/bin/dccproc | /var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject cshenton-dcc

Be prepared for ugly bounces or loops if you do this.
> I can use another dot qmail delivery file specific to that address to
> tell qmail to deliver it into my maildir (mail folder):
>   #~/.qmail-dcc (handles mail addressed to "cshenton-dcc")
>   ./Maildir/

Use maildrop with:

| maildrop -V 1 -f "$SENDER" .mailfilter

and in .mailfilter pipe the message trough dccfilter:

xfilter "/usr/local/bon/dccproc"

then whatever you like, but dont forward the message
again to the physically same server.


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