Vernon Schryver
Wed Jan 9 17:31:39 UTC 2002

> From: That Funky Chick <>

> Hi there folks, me again!  I'm getting error logs from my daily cron job 
> from  It's saying:
> /etc/cron.daily/ @prefix@/dcc_conf: No such file or directory
> Obviously it's not reading the "@prefix@ variable correctly--is there any 
> particular reason why I shouldn't manually change this to /var/dcc?

The @prefix@ string is an autoconf value in the prototype for the
dcc_conf script that is changed by the configure script into the DCC
home directory.

Better than editing a copy of the autoconf prototype would be to 
sym-link /var/dcc/libexec/cron-dccd to /etc/cron.daily or otherwise
arrange to run the script built by ./configure.  That way, when
installing new versions of the DCC, you don't have to remember to
change something in a distant directory.  You need only remember your
parameters for configure and run it followed by `make install`.

Vernon Schryver

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