rejecting on Subject: ?

Vernon Schryver
Tue Jan 8 19:33:20 UTC 2002

> From: Francois Baligant <>

> 	Is there a way to not reject email based on the Subject ?
> 	I have many customers sending email with "test" or "Re:" and
> 	they get rejected because the subject is flagged as "many":
> X-DCC-wanadoo-be-Metrics: ev6 1016; IP=13 env_From=1 From=1 Subject=many
>         Message-ID=1 Body=1 Fuz1=many

Dccm rejects mail only if you set the rejection thresholds low enough,
such as with DCCM_REJECT_AT=XX in /var/dcc/conf.
By default only the Received, Body, and Fuz1 checksums are used to
reject mail when you set DCCM_REJECT_AT.  The other checksums are
not reliable indications of "bulkness."
Subject checksums matter only if you set DCCM_CKSUMS or DCCM_XTRA_CKSUMS
in /var/dcc/dcc_conf or otherwise use "-t subject,X,Y".

I'm considering removing the Subject checksum when I add support
for the new Fuz2 checksum realsoonow.  (but I've been saying that
for more than a month)


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